May 9, 2015


Weary, Tired of routine, there is much needed interruption in the continuous way of things. You will not stop the clock but your loved one needs to escape the monotony to something quiet and real soothing. All in a single romantic getaway with the experts .

You have handled the expensive European wheelers, slept in posh hotels in London and Madrid and she has already had the taste of that high end pampering in Europe  and America. Only one gift to her remains, lurking in the lavish African jungle mixing with the big Five beast including Jumbos
.Usher yourselves into an even serene more interesting soul searching, thanks to the endless wild jungle jumbled with evergreen and semi arid Africa. Our journey will begin down south in Namibia in the vicinity of kulala camp lies a semi arid setting that can even be inspected in the comfort of your thatched and wooden suits.
Welcome to Namibia Naukuluft National park.

It’s the seamless spectacle of viewing that will awe your party ranging from abundant wildlife watching in the Kunene river all in the epicenter of your activity, quad biking and hiking through gruesome and challenging conditions.

May 7, 2015


Its one of those tedious sporting pastimes and centuries old, when it comes to Irish sports personalities angling is lifeblood. Lying on the European continental shelf, such that the warming North Atlantic drift serves to render the native marine life here extremely rich. Anything near 80 species can be found here and lucky ones could have trophies of up to 400 kg blue fin tuna.

You will discover whats the thing about the most practiced “Shore angling”, the rapidly growing “inshore angling”, and its catching on like a wildfire, but much of Irish angling traditional reputation has been built on the “offshore or deep see angling” spanning the south-west, west and north-west of the country. Apart from Ireland being a premier angling destination, it’s hundreds of tranquil bays and backwaters, roaring surf beaches, and miles of awe inspiring sea cliffs put it in the spotlight. The diverse nature of the coastline and Ireland’s unique geographical position are mind boggling.

Its serene, its picturesque, and the atmosphere musical, welcome to Doolin. The seaside Island village has carved out a reputation, as stepping stone for many an Irish traditional Music folklore and a blend  of instrumentation glosses over many a nightly performance for both visitors and locals. We share a rich beauty and heritage.

This world renowned Irish traditional music capital is simultaneously an interesting fishing excursion destination for enthusiasts

The Aran Islands lie just a 30 minute boat ride from Doolin and are a classic limestone landscaped territory also littered with Archeological gems, I mean your itinerary will include historical trips, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, ,caving , rock climbing and making music.Aran islands with their many rugged landscapes are home to many ancient forts and pre-historic relics.


When black clouds lingdense er about, we say it’s an onset of a heavy down power, but if the trees turn into an Eden of glowing yellow, the first foot prints Autumn are around the corner but when Hemingway luxury car hire  hits the headlines, holiday enthusiasts jerk with excitement. Imagine hospitality with no strings attached, where Hallmarks of a great history lie in wait to be discovered.

 I first set foot on the Emerald Isles where the search for a pint of Guinness was a trophy to be won and a host of up market and bargain hunters can lodge during their stay in the Irish country. Get on the road to discover your Irish ancestry if it’s that important, while your great grand parents emigrated in the early 18th century giving you a new nationality, the trouble to discover your roots lingers on, so do I.


Sporting enthusiasts always have it their way but there are few places where one can really experience the sport of Golfing in its entirety. Seldom, visitors get a run for their money, as for the competition, cutthroat, a plush green country in summer, and classic blends of medieval architecture gross much of the skyline round many a Golfing resort.

Ireland has not made many headlines in international golfing circuits but attracts celebrity golfers who would prefer high end Golfing trips, less crowded yet rewarding.
Hemingway luxury car hire is a credible partner when going places. The tiger is prowling and is set to descend on the Manor Hotel & Golf Resort for a tourney running from 5th to 6th July 2010, whats is thrilling is that the tournament is for a charitable cause and a philanthropist needs not miss out on this. Tiger woods was also the winner of the JP McManus Pro-Am for 2000.


Americans like hamburgers; Germans an enviable romance for Beer if not “Kaffe”, Japanese gohan but expect Black Pudding for the Irish. A host differing foods/drinks define national popular culture in many a country, so does the multiplicity of activities that define the Irish homeland.
The door to this beautiful country amassed with thousands of visual pages in history and contemporary fanfare begins in Dublin, if you enjoy more and more flying, Lismore is 12 Km from the nearest Airport. Some natural souls would envy a horse ride but for machine lovers a ride with car Hemingway luxury car hire  is all you can hope for. Do I forget some bits? I mean your kids will be treated to a memorable summer camp 2009 and much is stake if they fail to take part in “Pirate day”, search for lost treasure and learn to talk like pirates.
Join the Pyjama party ‘pull up their sleeping bags for cootie catchers, puppet making and popcorn as they have never seen it before! They could be part of the Wild Wild West, rope steers, round up the herd and pass the lasso. Joining the “Mad Scientist” will prove how mad one can really become, all the science that's way too cool for school: rockets, catapults, slime and the mysteries of flight….

May 6, 2015


“Systems work but people fail”, lets put it that, “only certain systems work while others are bound to fail’. Victors will live to write the history and history will become the mirror of any country’s soul. Whether one calls it a system or a history, but the efforts to preserve Irish trails get thumbs up. towns like Carlow posses relics like the county’s most prominent feature is the 5000-year-old granite formation known as Browne’s Hill Dolmen.
It's believed to have the largest capstone in Europe, weighing a colossal 100 tonnes.If you have been globe trotting lately you would agree with me that the Greek Parthenon has a cousin in Carlow, classic architecture for a mere court building on a Carlow street. Awesomely placed Carlow County, is fulfilled piece of art and can be reached at the Irish Southerly East.
                                                                                                                                                     South westerly, a splendid artery of hospitality,
Hemingway luxury car hire, Five star Hotels by Road and Rail from the International Airports of Dublin (4 1/2 hours), Shannon (1 dot the Killarney county horizon), you will be in for a treat. A picturesque territory where this classic national park and Muckross gardens are to be found.

  Towering Mountains and mystical lakes make its beauty second to none but most of all a trip to the whole of Western Europe’s oldest Bronze Age copper mines tell their own story. Early Christian monastic settlements in Aghadoe and Inisfallen, the wonderful restored 15th century Ross Castle, preserved ruins of the 15th Franciscan Abbey at Muckross, 19th century Victorian

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