March 7, 2015


Efficient, powerful, incredibly built or just sizzling hot! It’s the latest in motoring innovation come alive and packed into this tiny piece of engineering. 

This Chevrolet Cruze clean, Powered by the sleekest and most clean diesel engines to date and flying out of lordstown Ohio. The most viable greener alternative with all amenities pointing to responsible clean driving. Its catalytic conversion prowess measure higher than average, citing conversion levels of its exhaust to less than 90% nitrogen oxide.
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It’s the most impressive feat since the advent of efficient energy philosophy in the Uganda.
Technology advancement has been harnessed prioritizing its speed which has increased fourfold an astronomical change in the positive direction.
So the mix will leave would be competitors in motoring ideological limbo, from speed, noise and exhaust pollution to interior design to energy efficiency. 

There is a very marked reinvention of this technology piece delivery.
Brand new cruze

Earlier diesel cars are known to vibrate violently, not here; some vibration still remains but utterly reduced beyond recognition. The talk much to the real description that fits the nature of loads that it can haul still remains unclear to many. Engineers have diversified it add 50 kg payload more than its immediate cousin

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