March 7, 2015


You are just in time to escape from the normalcy that bogs your life down. Dublin could be your next big thing this coming holiday season. Be it the food, drink or even the nightlife, one can surely expect really crazy fanfare unmatched by any.

Since the Irish economic boom, the folklore has had time to adjust to the affluence that characterizes American lifestyle. “Whose line is it anyway” is just what you desire, just to usher you into bouts of Laughter, even more interesting is, you can bring along your comedy abilities to fascinate and colour up the function. However you may choose just to hang around to watch these really funny people taking turns on stage.
Car rental Dublin Airport will rally to places offering another chance to explore and discover this city in the treasure hunt. In groupings of 15 as far north as just over the Liffey, as far south as St Stephens Green, as far east as Merrion Square and west to Parliament Square – and everywhere in between!.

On arrival the group will be met and divided into teams. Each team will be given all the necessary equipment including the questions, maps etc and will then begin the hunt. Each team will go in search of the answers; clues are to be found accompanying the questions. Bonus points can also be gained by collecting certain items along the way. The group will then meet back at a prearranged location at a certain time, where the answers and bonus points will be collected and prizes awarded to the winning team. How awesome this city can be!

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