March 7, 2015


Its serene, its picturesque, and the atmosphere musical, welcome to Doolin. The seaside Island village has carved out a reputation, as stepping stone for many an Irish traditional Music folklore and a blend of instrumentation glosses over many a nightly performance for both visitors and locals. We share a rich beauty and heritage.

This world renowned Irish traditional music capital is simultaneously an interesting fishing excursion destination for enthusiasts

The Aran Islands lie just a 30 minute boat ride from Doolin and are a classic limestone landscaped territory also littered with Archeological gems, I mean your itinerary will include historical trips, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, ,caving , rock climbing and making music.Aran islands with their many rugged landscapes are home to many ancient forts and pre-historic relics.

Galway will be a launching pad for the Aran Islands and Car hire Ireland will move with you all way, in the straying bushes and endless plains. Remember to pick the kit concerning your roadmap to Ireland from us

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