March 6, 2015


Ireland’s reputation as Europe’s friendliest and fast growing country stems partly from a tradition of hospitality, to the low levels of crime, hassle directed at tourists, not to mention modern service and manufacturing industry that has lately found home here.

There is considerable activity for travelers to Ireland which includes hiking, bird watching and visiting leisure spots. For hikers, its a web of walking trails with guided walking excursions or so through medieval Limerick, walk back in time combing a host of Archeological and other historic sites.

Avian influence on this country is spectacular and jumping onto car hire ireland will afford you an inexpensive and reliable leap to the southerly cape clear bird observatory. This farming and fishing island has known no other craft in all its history and a haven for several migratory birds.

The habitat offers a classic breeding ground for birds but also killer whales, Risso dolphins and other aquatic species can be sited. Right back at the wheel one may head northwest to Mayo national park the biggest in Ireland, home to Western Europe’s only surviving bogs. This Owenduff and Nephin bogs complex is also a bird protection area.

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