March 6, 2015


When is it opportune deciding on having to shake off the work fatigue? Your road map to exotic yet memorable places can not be so complex. Could your backyard have something? Coastline, major cities and rural towns of this scenically beautiful Ireland should offer you a credible alternative.

 From those obsessed with colourful parades on St.Patrick’s day to Galway, a film festival enthusiast destination. The Oscars, Cannes and lowly hyped Golden bear calendar bring the world to its feet but falls short of mentioning Galway. A contagious Irish and European film Expo, running through 9th to 11th of July 2009, with all hallmarks of undiscovered talent.

Prominent film directors, financiers, cinematographers and Artists will be on hand to pitch their works and to network. Luxury lodging at the medieval castles dotting the Galway skyline will off course be a reasonable escape from routine. Such memorable trips call for credible partners to see you through and
car rental Ireland has carved out a name for themselves in this area.

 Dublin is the gateway from where you will be escorted like a king to Galaway and the rest of the Irish heartland as you wish.

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