March 7, 2015


When dense black clouds linger about, we say it’s an onset of a heavy down power, but if the trees turn into an Eden of glowing yellow, the first foot prints Autumn are around the corner but when car rental dublin  hits the headlines, holiday enthusiasts jerk with excitement. Imagine hospitality with no strings attached, where Hallmarks of a great history lie in wait to be discovered.

 I first set foot on the Emerald Isles where the search for a pint of Guinness was a trophy to be won and a host of up market and bargain hunters can lodge during their stay in the Irish country. Get on the road to discover your Irish ancestry if it’s that important, while your great grand parents emigrated in the early 18th century giving you a new nationality, the trouble to discover your roots lingers on, so do I.

 When you are here, you will get to know
Names of Ancestors who left Ireland
Approximate date of birth
Country and Parish of birth in Ireland
Religious affiliations
Names of Ancestors parents
Date of marriage of your Ancestors
Sixty million descendants worldwide claim Irish Ancestry

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