May 6, 2015


“Systems work but people fail”, lets put it that, “only certain systems work while others are bound to fail’. Victors will live to write the history and history will become the mirror of any country’s soul. Whether one calls it a system or a history, but the efforts to preserve Irish trails get thumbs up. towns like Carlow posses relics like the county’s most prominent feature is the 5000-year-old granite formation known as Browne’s Hill Dolmen.
It's believed to have the largest capstone in Europe, weighing a colossal 100 tonnes.If you have been globe trotting lately you would agree with me that the Greek Parthenon has a cousin in Carlow, classic architecture for a mere court building on a Carlow street. Awesomely placed Carlow County, is fulfilled piece of art and can be reached at the Irish Southerly East.
                                                                                                                                                     South westerly, a splendid artery of hospitality,
Hemingway luxury car hire, Five star Hotels by Road and Rail from the International Airports of Dublin (4 1/2 hours), Shannon (1 dot the Killarney county horizon), you will be in for a treat. A picturesque territory where this classic national park and Muckross gardens are to be found.

  Towering Mountains and mystical lakes make its beauty second to none but most of all a trip to the whole of Western Europe’s oldest Bronze Age copper mines tell their own story. Early Christian monastic settlements in Aghadoe and Inisfallen, the wonderful restored 15th century Ross Castle, preserved ruins of the 15th Franciscan Abbey at Muckross, 19th century Victorian

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