May 7, 2015


Americans like hamburgers; Germans an enviable romance for Beer if not “Kaffe”, Japanese gohan but expect Black Pudding for the Irish. A host differing foods/drinks define national popular culture in many a country, so does the multiplicity of activities that define the Irish homeland.
The door to this beautiful country amassed with thousands of visual pages in history and contemporary fanfare begins in Dublin, if you enjoy more and more flying, Lismore is 12 Km from the nearest Airport. Some natural souls would envy a horse ride but for machine lovers a ride with car Hemingway luxury car hire  is all you can hope for. Do I forget some bits? I mean your kids will be treated to a memorable summer camp 2009 and much is stake if they fail to take part in “Pirate day”, search for lost treasure and learn to talk like pirates.
Join the Pyjama party ‘pull up their sleeping bags for cootie catchers, puppet making and popcorn as they have never seen it before! They could be part of the Wild Wild West, rope steers, round up the herd and pass the lasso. Joining the “Mad Scientist” will prove how mad one can really become, all the science that's way too cool for school: rockets, catapults, slime and the mysteries of flight….
But a Beach day won’t do any bad… Play seafood limbo, party in their lei & discover what was never known bubbles could do. Something to always not forget is all this and more can only be found in the Mochuda camp in Lismore.

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